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U.S. Chamber of Commerce TradeRoots

Content First prepared a state-by-state report for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Traderoots program detailing the impact of trade to each state economy using objective U.S. government data.    The state level data shows the enormous benefits of international trade for each state economy by jobs, more business opportunities for small and medium-size firms across, and increased revenue for every state in the union.  

Armed with understandable facts and figures, the U.S. Chamber's Traderoots program is able to demonstrate how trade brings prosperity to America's local communities.    The U.S. Chamber is able to use this data to make a compelling case to members of Congress on the importance of U.S. exports to each state economy.


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Select the link below to access the U.S. Chamber's international trade report

Impact of Trade:  How Trade Brings Prosperity to America's Local Communities

Client Benefits

This example illustrates how Content First worked with U.S. Chamber to make economic information accessible to targeted audiences, including:

  • National and State Public Policy Officials
  • The Business Community
  • The Press
  • The Public



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