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Content First was commissioned by the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), a group comprised of  30 CEOs from companies engaged in transatlantic trade and commercial relations, to prepare a study on the economic importance of the transatlantic relationship.  The report was distributed at the European Union and U.S Summit in Vienna, Austria in June 2006 . 


TABD.jpg (15651 bytes) Towards a Barrier-Free Transatlantic Market was released by the TABD to provide an overview of the economic importance of the transatlantic economy.  The study also identified the top four policy priorities for transatlantic business leaders: 
  • Improving Regulatory Cooperation
  • Maximizing Security While Facilitating Global Commerce
  • Strengthening Intellectual Property Protecting and Enforcement
  • Liberalizing Transatlantic Capital Markets

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This example illustrates how Content First worked with the Transatlantic Business Dialogue to identify the major policy priorities of the transatlantic. business community, including:

  • U.S. and European government officials
  • The Transatlantic Business Community
  • The Press
  • The Public

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